Our goods are travelling in every case, at the consignee’s own risk. They are payable at Coignières (France). The disputes which do not reach an amicable agreement will refer to the Commercial Court of Versailles (France). Our drafts or payments acceptance don’t make novation, or dispensation to this allocated clause of jurisdiction.

Our confirmed delivery dates apply to the readiness of the goods for shipment from our factory and are not binding. They do not take into account transport duration. The agreed period of delivery may be extended without further notice if shipment of the goods is prevented by unavoidable events such as Acts of God, operational disruptions, strikes, delays in delivery by subcontractors, etc. A delay in delivery does not entitle the customer to cancel the order or to demand compensation.

We expressly reserve the right to partial deliveries.

The material manufactured by us has a three-year warranty after delivery. Our warranty is limited to the replacement or to the repair of the recognized defective units in our factory. Are excluded : charges of removal, fitting, transport and packaging, and also payment of a damages’ compensation for any cause. Of course, the warranty is not applied to the repairs which result from an abnormal wear, handling, use or maintenance negligence.

Technical advice and assistance provided without charge is given in good faith but without responsibility.

We reserve ourselves the property of the material supplied until the last day of its complete payment, in accordance with law terms n°80.335 dated May 12th 1980.